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An Arctic BBQ Cabin - The Perfect Den For A Forest School!

Posted by Kay Pollard on Jun 1, 2022 11:06:00 AM

We've all heard the complaints: kids these days are too reliant on technology and are more likely to disappear behind a screen for hours at a time than explore the great outdoors. So why not inspire them to try something different? A Forest School Cabin BBQ Cabin is the perfect spot to spark creativity and teach youngsters about the wonders of nature.

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Sugar Tax Funding Ideas For Schools 2019

Posted by Anne-Marie Adams on Mar 9, 2022 1:55:00 PM

The clock is ticking! The new sugar tax is good news for schools, but only if you can decide how to spend the windfall on offer. With the deadline approaching, schools are struggling to figure out how to invest the sugar tax money.

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