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5 Reasons Why Hobbit Huts are the Ideal Playground Additions

Posted by Melissa Quinney on May 29, 2024 10:57:00 AM

Read on to find out why 'hobbit houses' and 'hobbit huts' are the perfect way for primary schools, pre-schools and nurseries to create an enchanting learning and playtime experience for their children. While hobbit huts undoubtedly provide a unique, almost fairy-tale experience for children, they also offer a range of benefits to educational attainment and to social skills too! Here's 5 reasons why these wooden structures are the ideal playground additions...

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When we get the opportunity to revisit the primary schools, pre-schools and nurseries who have previously had one of our log cabins installed, we find that our cabins are commonly fondly referred to by both staff and students as 'Hobbit Huts' or 'Hobbit Houses', or even 'Hagrid Huts'! We LOVE hearing these comparisons as we have a real passion for creating unique, magical and immersive environments for both learning and play. It's fantastic to hear of both adults and children alike finding wonder in our timber huts. Let's dive into why these inspirational wooden structures make the ideal addition to any playground or outdoor area... 



Why Hobbit Huts or Hobbit Houses are the ideal playground additions 


(1) Hobbit Houses encourage imaginative play 

By providing the children with a magical and enchanting environment at your primary school, pre-school or nursery setting, it encourages pretend play/imaginative play and the development of the children's imaginations. The unique environment of a log cabin, unlike any other typical classroom or typical area of a main school build, can inspire and enrich role play activities. Imaginative play is so important for children, especially for the early years. Experts believe it's a vital component contributing to happy and healthy childhood development.

With our timber huts being such unique structures, looking much like a 'hobbit hut', they really help to stimulate curiosity and creative thinking. A Hobbit's hut is a huge thinking and talking point for early years children and provides opportunities to learn, discover, interact and imagine all under the same roof. 

You can read all about The Wonders of Outdoor Play for Early Years in our blog.

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(2) Hobbit Huts make magical reading nooks

A hobbit hut or a hobbit house is a great space for creating a reading nook at your school. Giving children a magical place reminiscent of fairy-tales is the perfect setting to inspire a love for reading and storytelling! Your young minds will want to access a reading area that feels fun and immersive. Together, we can keep the magic of stories alive and encourage reading for pleasure!

As our log cabins are additional structures detached from the main school build, they can be installed in a quiet area on your school grounds. Gone were the days of noisy, book-filled corridors where children can't quite relax and unwind enough to properly enjoy a good book. A log cabin reading nook will also act as a great quiet space for children who don't enjoy the loud and busy playground and would like to spend their breaktimes or lunchtimes somewhere calmer and more comfortable. What's more? our log cabins can be fitted with solar pipes to let the natural light flood in, creating the perfect conditions for reading.

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(3) Hobbit Houses can improve engagement levels

Since our log cabins are a fun and exciting place for young learners, it's no surprise that they improve both engagement and attention levels! Children will want to step inside their 'Hobbit hut' and enjoy an alternative learning environment - a welcome break from the traditional classroom. Whether your hobbit house is used for outdoor learning for whole classes, for outdoor activities in smaller groups or for your children with SEND to access support in a safe, calm and inclusive environment, the children will want to access this space. They will not only feel ready and able to learn but will be willing to engage too.

Many teachers and support staff members who use our cabins report back to us about how our school buildings have improved their students' attitudes to learning. This means improved educational attainment levels and improved outcomes for the wider school community too!

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(4) Hobbit Huts can improve social skills 

The shape of our 'hobbit huts' or 'hobbit houses' is hugely impactful. Our cabins are specially designed to have a circular shape with bench seating around the inner walls, meaning that children can sit together in a circle and see each others' faces. This is quite unlike facing the backs of each others' heads in a traditional classroom setting! A circular seating arrangement promotes eye contact and encourages active listening which helps to build and strengthen communication skills among young people. The circular shape of our hobbit huts and their spaciousness makes them perfect for group work and a great base for team-building activities, which again are great for improving children and young people's social skills. 

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(5) Hobbit Houses strengthen children's connection to nature

Hobbit huts and hobbit houses being additional outdoor structures give children the opportunity to spend more time outside and deepen their connection to nature. Outdoor learning offers a multitude of benefits, such as increasing serotonin levels which supports mental health, and fresh air, exposure to vitamin D and physical activity which supports physical health. Give the children a place where they can feel at one with the great outdoors, all the while being protected from the elements. Our cabins provide year-round shelter from all weather types, meaning outdoor learning doesn't have to stop on mother nature's unpredictable account!

You can read more about outdoor learning here.


Ready to explore your options with introducing a 'hobbit hut' or a 'hobbit house' style log cabin at your primary school, pre-school, junior school or nursery? We offer a range of sizes to suit your available outdoor space as well as to suit the requirements of your staff and students. We also offer a free site survey which can either be in person or virtual. A member of our team will be able to assess your site and find the right log cabin (or outdoor classroom) for your school. Together, we can make your playground a magical place for both learning and play!


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