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How To Create The Perfect Reading Space For Young Learners

Posted by Anne-Marie Adams on Jun 11, 2019 5:18:49 PM

Create the perfect reading space for young learners

Every teacher knows the importance of encouraging kids to read - but schools aren't always the best place to lose yourself in a book. The school library, while it may have a fantastic collection of volumes available, isn't always a welcoming reading area. Plastic school chairs can be uncomfortable, and banks of computers and the glare of strip lighting overhead might prevent a child from really getting immersed in a story.

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A creative reading space allows kids to enjoy books in a more relaxed setting. With beanbags and cushions to lounge on, rather than stiff chairs, they can physically relax. This helps them to drift away into the magical world that they're exploring between the pages. Think of how comfortable and relaxing it feels to read in bed - now imagine how this type of environment can be created in a school, too.

The Perfect Kids’ Library

The Arctic Cabin for Schools makes a great place to build a creative reading space. Separate from the library, it's free from the noise of the computers, and doesn't have the same lingering air of homework and study. There's something adventurous about a wooden cabin that will appeal to kids' imaginations, making it easier than ever to slip into the story they're reading. A wooden cabin can feel like the type of place a hero like Robin Hood would have enjoyed in days gone by - even if, like the Arctic Cabin model, it comes complete with all the necessities of the 21st century, including safety glass windows for security and a low threshold accessible door to make sure everyone's included.

Cabins For Reading

This type of cabin will fit neatly into a corner of the playground or the school field, where it can become a safe haven for kids who'd rather spend their break time immersed in a story than kicking a ball around. Natural light provides the best glow to read by, and there's plenty of storage space to create a mini library of popular stories. With an interior packed with beanbags and cushions, it can be a cosy and appealing nook where kids can easily escape from the stresses and dramas of the playground.

The perfect addition to any school that wants to encourage pupils to read, a cabin like this won't just give children a physical space to enjoy, it will also spark their imaginations and give them creative inspiration. It's the perfect place to develop a lifelong reading habit.

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