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Create An Inspiring, Multi-Functional Space In Your School

Posted by Anne-Marie Adams on Feb 3, 2022 10:00:00 AM

External shot of a redwood clad school cabin

Schools should be more than just a place for kids to sit at desks and memorise facts - but it's not always easy to balance sparking creativity with learning. So maybe it's time to look beyond the classroom. Children respond well to being in different environments, so change their surroundings and you'll open up a whole world of possibilities to them. Young people are deeply influenced by their environment, so it's essential that the space around them reinforces and supports their education and developmental needs to the fullest.

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School Cabins and Arctic Cabins are practical, exciting, and can be used in a number of different ways. Our timber Forest School Cabins are available in a range of different sizes, plus can be adapted with a huge range of options, such as extensions, adjoining rooms, porches and the ability to link a number of cabins of different sizes - the possibilities are endless. A larger room would be perfect for a PE space on a rainy day, with plenty of natural light that you might not get in the school gym. For purely practical purposes, you could also use one of these handy cabins for extra meeting room space, or as a staff room when the need arises.

Shor of young children enjoying an active indoor PE lesson

But there's so much more to one of these cabins than just extra space provision. Being surrounded by wood on all sides is a great way to spark an interest in nature. If your school is in a rural area, why not use a Forest School Cabin as a space for a nature watch, or even a bird hide? The kids will be secure and comfortable, and the spacious windows will allow them to admire plants and wildlife.
There are other ways that these rooms could be used to inspire, too. School Cabins make great music rooms, and kids can be free to make as much noise as they need to show off their creativity, without bothering anyone in nearby classrooms! A cabin is perfect for a sensory room, too. Children on the autism spectrum will appreciate the chance to relax in a soothing environment that can be filled with gently stimulating objects.

Connected school lodge cabins on playground at school

The cosy, round Forest School Cabin is great for creating a quiet space. Its shape makes it ideal to set up chairs in a circle, so that all kids can feel equally involved. This means that it's perfect for holding mindfulness sessions, group discussions, and chats where you want the whole group to share their views in a safe, comfortable environment. You could also use one of these cabins as a peaceful reading nook, giving quieter children their own private hideaway to escape the rough and tumble of the playground and curl up on a beanbag with a book.

Cabins For Schools - Morvern Park School - 8m x 4m, HybridCedar_16

Finally, use the Arctic BBQ Cabin as a creative space, taking inspiration from the wooden structure to encourage kids to learn about outdoorsmanship and forestry. Not only is it a great spot for practical lessons, but it's also sure to inspire young minds, thanks to the classic, woodsy timber frame. These cabins make a wonderful addition to any school, with plenty to keep kids engaged and excited.

Interior of an art classroom cabin with paints and brushes

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