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Sugar Tax Funding Ideas For Schools 2019

Posted by Anne-Marie Adams on Mar 9, 2022 1:55:00 PM

Sugar tax funding ideas for 2019

The clock is ticking! The new sugar tax is good news for schools, but only if you can decide how to spend the windfall on offer. With the deadline approaching, schools are struggling to figure out how to invest the sugar tax money.

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The Sugar Tax Goal

The goal of the sugar tax fund is to encourage health and fitness, particularly in young people. As such, it's time to look for investments that will improve both. This could be equipment for PE classes, or starting new after school activities and extracurricular clubs that will let kids enjoy new sports. Mental health shouldn't be neglected, either. Sugar tax funding could be used to promote mental wellbeing, too.

How Cabins For Schools Can Help

One neat way of providing space for both physical and mental wellness is an Arctic Cabin for Schools. Depending on your school's needs, this cosy space could be used for one particular activity, or as a multi-function room. For physical activity, the Arctic Cabin for Schools is a sturdy structure that will withstand rough play. It provides a pleasant environment - with inspiration taken from nature - for kids to take part in sport. Many will see it as a more inspiring alternative to a school hall, and it makes a great spot for smaller after-school clubs. It's also a great alternative for kids who feel uncomfortable or embarrassed doing sports outdoors, where everyone can see them. Being able to use the Arctic Cabin for Schools is a real confidence-booster for these youngsters.

The Arctic Cabin for Schools can also be used as a base for forest school activities, where pupils can learn about outdoorsmanship and nature. This is a great way of inspiring a lifelong love of the outdoors, which can create healthy habits for years to come.

What's more, Arctic Cabins are ideal for boosting mental health. Use one to create a sensory room, a therapeutic space that can help children with autism focus, relax and learn in a comfortable environment. Alternatively, it could become a reading nook or quiet space where all children are welcome to escape their problems and stresses. Use it to hold sessions on mindfulness and meditation, and kids will come to recognise it as a safe space.

However you choose to use it, an Arctic Cabin for Schools is a flexible, practical choice that offers endless possibilities to promote kids' physical and mental health. This space is a real investment that you'll be able to reshape over the years, as your school's needs change. So, If you still haven't decided how to spend your school's sugar tax funding, what's stopping you?

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